TRT Policies

Storage and Warehousing Policies

Vehicles, Motorcycles, Jetskis, etc:
• We provide 30 days free of storage for automobile container shipments.
• Storage charge after 30 days is $10 per day, NO EXCEPTIONS.
• If for some reason, you decide not to ship your vehicle with TRT International, an $100 in/out fee will be applied ($50 in/$50 out) and storage of $10 per day counted from the day of receiving.

For RoRo vehicle shipments, we offer 10 days free and $10 per day after.
For boats shipped in container or on flat racks, we offer 30 days free and $20 per day after.
Please note, Boats and oversize cargo will NOT be accepted unless you have received a rate prior to delivery from your sales representative.

Please be advised, if you wish to send parcels to our warehouse to be loaded in the container with your cars, you must fill out the shipping label as follows:

Your Company Name/ TRT International
250 Port Street,
Newark, NJ, 07114

Before the package arrives, please send an email with the tracking information to [email protected] so that we can assign this package to your account.

$5 per parcel fee will be applied to each small package to locate and load the package.

Pallets of household goods and parts:
If you wish to deliver a few pallets to be added to your container shipment of vehicles, a $50 per pallet receiving fee will apply.

Storage for pallets:
TRT International offers 30 days free and $30 per month after per pallet.

*Please note, TRT International will NOT accept any used mattresses or unpacked furniture due to liability issues.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call 973-344-7100
Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

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