There are few factors that affect shipping cost. Read this article to understand how it works.

You simply need to provide us with your shipment details, such as: the US port you are going to ship from, the port of destination, the number of goods you are going to ship and the need of inland transportation to one of our warehouses in New York, Savannah, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

Email us and our sales manager will give you the rates or call 973-344-7100

One of our sales team members can open an account for you. You will need to fill out and sign two documents - the New Client Form and the Power of Attorney and send them back to us. We also ask for a copy of your passport to be sent to us.

If you have any questions filling these documents please email us right away!

The time of transit varies from 20 to 40 days if the shipping is done from East Coast, and 25 to 50 days if it is done from the West Coast.

We provide several different insurance coverage options to meet your needs. Please email us for more information.

Yes, it can be done. We provide Inland Transportation service to our warehouses from any part of the US.

Please notify us which state are you planning to transport from and to, and we will help you with the details. Please call +1 973-344-7100

Our storage policies are different based on the type of cargo. For automobile export shipping we provide free storage for 15 days. For each additional day, storage fees will apply. If for any reason you no longer want to ship your cargo then storage and receiving fees will apply from day one.

By U.S. and International Law, your vehicle should have no more than a quarter tank of gas (1/4 tank).

Tracking the location of your vehicle is as easy as a phone call. We take pride in keeping track of every item we load and ship. We can tell you exactly where the vehicle is at any time - using our state-of-the-art tracking systems. Please call us at 973-344-7100.

Contact your Warehouse Manager or email us with your container number.

We do the work for you to get the final approval on your cargo. We issue the required export forms. All you have to supply is the commercial invoices and sign export instructions.

Many foreign governments request duties for your international vehicle shipment and may have laws that will impact your vehicle relocation. You should be prepared to provide any receipts for any new merchandise in your shipment. To help you with the nuances of dealing with a foreign government, we will be glad to assign you a foreign agent to assist you.

While we do our best to inform you of all the potential charges, destination charges and importation through the destination port are ultimately the responsibility of the party receiving the vehicle.

Yes, By Maritime Law, steamship companies are limited to a liability of no more than $500.00 per vehicle.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase a marine insurance policy that covers your vehicle and shipping charges. There are two types of policies: "Full Coverage" and "Total Loss." Full Coverage covers the cost of the car, dents, scratches and shipping costs. Total Loss, while less expensive, only replaces the value of the vehicle. Please ask about marine insurance when booking your order.

We provide several different insurance coverage options to meet your needs, please email us for more information.

Simply request your question in the request form or email us and one of our representatives will answer your question.

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