Cars from America or from Europe? What choice should you make?

Why the US auto market has grown so rapidly in recent years and continues to grow actively

The main reason for the growth in demand for cars from America is their undoubtedly attractive price, even including transportation. It is profitable to buy cars from the USA, as the savings range from 30 to 50% in comparison with a similar car on the Ukrainian market. There is also a significant cost advantage over European counterparts.

It should be noted that the domestic auto market in the United States is the most developed in the world. Accordingly, it has a huge selection of cars and motorcycles for every taste. Also, here you can buy special equipment at a profit.

Differences between the American car market and the European one

First of all, the difference between these two giants depends on peculiarities of the mentality.

Although Europe itself is very large and heterogeneous, in general all Europeans are characterized by a pragmatic attitude towards cars. The main criteria for them remain: efficiency, ergonomics, environmental friendliness, safety, low cost of maintenance and repair. Europeans are aiming at a long period of usage of the purchased car and prefer compact golf-class models or small cars.

The attitude of Americans to their cars is based on several other values. In short, the larger, more comfortable and more powerful the car, the better.

In the States, literally everyone drives cars. A lot of families have several cars. Americans treat cars more simply and change them to new ones literally in 3-5 years. And in case of minor damage that falls under the insured event, a new car can be sent to the site at all. Due to this, car prices in the United States are much lower than in Europe.

The state of the cars in the United States is closely monitored by the leasing companies, since cars are bought mainly on a lease basis. By purchasing a car immediately after the end of the lease, you can be sure of its good condition.

The level of requirements for car safety among Americans is even higher than that of Europeans. As a rule, the cars are equipped with all the most modern technical features.

In the States, they prefer to drive SUVs, crossovers, pickups and D-class sedans.

Technical differences

In addition to common distinctive features, American cars also have technical features that should be adapted to European requirements:

Light signals and headlight brightness. There are several requirements to consider:

  • the turn signals of American cars are painted red, according to the State Standard of Ukraine they should be yellow
  • the amount of light entering the oncoming lane, according to American standards, is significantly higher than required by European standards
  • European cars must be equipped with rear fog lights

Differences in units. As you know, Americans use miles to measure distance and speed, and temperature is measured in Fahrenheit. Therefore, for the convenience of the European user, these parameters should be reconfigured.

Because Americans love comfort, they opt for an automatic transmission and soft suspension. This provides a smooth set of speed and the same smooth braking, which has a positive effect on the hydraulics of the vehicle.

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Mar 8th 2021

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