What is certification and why it is needed?

If you are interested in buying a car from the USA, you have probably already heard about the need for certification.

A certificate of conformity is a document confirming the compliance of a particular vehicle with the norms of state and regional standards.

These standards relate to safety, environmental friendliness and general technical requirements for a vehicle.

As for safety requirements, in the USA they are even higher than in Europe. However, American cars have a number of technical differences that need to be adapted to European standards.

What needs to be changed in an American car to obtain a certificate of conformity

There is a stereotyped number of differences between American cars that must be considered:

  • Light optics. According to European regulations, direction indicators must be yellow. A red rear fog lamp is required. Light optics should be without tinting. There are also limitations regarding the brightness of the high beam headlights.
  • Scale for measuring speed and distance. Requires a flashing for the European measurement system (km, km / h).
  • Temperature indicators. As you know, in the States, temperature is measured in Fahrenheit. Accordingly, you need to change the unit of measurement in degrees Celsius.
  • Toning. Unlike America, in Europe, the tinting of the windshield and front door windows is strictly limited.
  • Compliance with environmental standards. Some American vehicles may not meet European environmental standards.

Algorithm for passing certification and its cost

The certification procedure is carried out before the stage of customs clearance and registration of the vehicle. Only specialized state institutions have the right to issue a certificate of conformity. A customs broker can help and assist in obtaining a certificate.

The cost of the certificate varies and can range from $ 100 to $ 300. It depends on the complexity of the conformity assessment procedure and on the number of required examinations.

Certification is carried out in the presence of the following documents:

  • vehicle registration certificate
  • contract of sale
  • original passport and TIN of the new owner

After successfully passing the check, the owner receives a Euro-5 certificate. This certificate provides the possibility of further passing the customs clearance of the car

The procedure itself does not take much time and can be completed within one business day. But this is provided that all documents are in order and the car itself is technically sound, and also meets the certification requirements.

The international transport company TRT International has been successfully operating in the logistics services market for over 26 years. We deliver cars from the United States of America without intermediaries, and provide a turnkey service. In particular, we provide unhindered passage of vehicle certification with customs clearance.

Mar 16th 2021

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