All about the VIN-Number

All cars have a unique number that is called a Vin Number, also known as a "body number". This number can also be called an identification number, so you will never see a car with the same body number, unless it's an alteration. 

Let's learn in more detail what a car's VIN code is, what information is encrypted in it, and how not to fall for fraudsters.

What is a vehicle's VIN-Number

The VIN -Code is a unique number that identifies and classifies the car. Knowing it, you can avoid buying a stolen car, as the stolen car is at once registered in the special database according to the VIN-Number. The body number consists of the combination of digits and letters, determined by a special algorithm of the international system ISO.  

How to decode the VIN-Number?

There are 17 digits and letters that encode a lot of information about the vehicle. The number itself can be divided into three semantic parts. 

It starts with the manufacturer's index. This identifies the geographical area where the car was made and assembled. 

The sign of the European car is the letters from S to Z, and North American - from 1 to 5. 

Next, the country is designated. This may require more than one character. Cars from the USA are denoted by numbers from 10 to 19.  

The third part is the manufacturer. If the factory is not large, it is denoted by a nine. 

Also, in the VIN-Code there is information about the type of body, maximum mass that can be transported and other information. Just because of this combination one may find out how to find out the package, paint code, engine type or separate information about parts.

Finished with a serial number, a year of issue and a place of assembly.

If you know the decoding of the VIN -Number you may request to check the history of the vehicle and find out all the technical specifications.

Where can I find VIN-Number?

Many people know about the existence of the body number, but not everyone knows where to find it. In order to avoid easy changing of VIN-code, the manufacturers place it in the most uncomfortable places:

  • under the hood;
  • between the hood and the windshield;
  • under the floor covering;
  • on the side members;
  • on the door sills.

The technical documentation shows the exact location of the VIN-Code.

Tracking a USA Vehicle by VIN-Number 

After you buy a car at the auction your car is delivered from USA. Knowing the body number, or Vin number, you can track the car. There is a special tracker that allows you to view the movement of a vehicle by its number. 

You will see from which port the container with the car was shipped and where it will arrive. So you can monitor the transportation from the shipment to the arrival.

How do I check if the Vin number is real? 

The Vin number identifies the car. It protects it from theft. But you may encounter a wrong code. The license plate is impossible to forge if it is molded, but very often it is stuffed and that allows you to forge it easily.

Often the Vin number is punched in order to remove it from the database of stolen vehicles. The authenticity of the number can be verified by contacting an expert, who will check the number by a special symbol - the ninth position of the Vin number is considered a verification. The number must be written in one row without spaces. 

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Oct 29th 2021

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