Types of Cargo Containers

The cargo container is used as a removable body of vehicles (cars, wagons, ships, aircraft, etc.), which is adapted for mechanized loading-unloading and reloading from one mode of transport to another.

We in TRT International use different types of containers depending on the type of products that are shipped.

The dimensions and capacity of the containers correspond to the carrying capacity and overall dimensions of the vehicles, the strength and design of the container protects its contents during the long journeys.

Containers differ in size, structure, design and so on.

Some of the most common container types that we currently use are listed below:


20 dry

20' containers are more suitable for transportation of heavy cargoes of small size



40 dry

The most common shipping container. It is used to transport dry cargoes and does not require temperature control.

For light but bulky cargoes - 40' standard or High Cube containers


40 high cube

Extra-high shipping container. It is used to carry light but bulky cargo.

The 40' high cube is 30 cm higher than a standard container and increases the container volume by 8.8 cubic meters without increasing the cargo weight.

40 high cube (1)


The size of 45-foot shipping containers has made them a necessity in terms of large capacity.

With the help of various modes of transport, heavy, prefabricated, oversized cargo, including special equipment, cars, etc. are transporting in this type of container.

Dimensional specifications are standardized, so the 45' (high cube) container is suitable for international transportation.

20' Open Top

20 open top

The 20' high cube 'Open Top' shipping container is used for the carriage of goods whose height exceeds the dimensions of the container or which require loading through the roof.

The top is covered with a tarpaulin or metal lid.

40' container Open Top

40 open top

The 40' container open top is designed for the carriage of bulky goods, the height of which exceeds the dimensions of the container than the 20' container open top.

The top, as well as the 20' container, is covered with a tarpaulin or a metal lid.

40 open top (1)


20 flat rack

20' flat rack containers are designed for transportation of oversized cargoes that need to be loaded from the top or from the side.

There are complex containers and non-disassembled containers with or without walls.

20 flat rack (1)


40 flat rack

Like the 20' flat rack containers, the 40' flat rack containers are designed to carry heavy and bulky cargoes in an open area.

Similar to Flat rack 20' containers, there are complex and non-disassembled containers with or without walls.

40 flat rack (1)

Jan 8th 2021

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