Transportation of oversized cargo from the USA to worldwide

Logistic company TRT International offers transportation of oversized, heavy cargo from the United States around the world. The equipment of our company is located in major ports and is licensed to transport this type of cargo.

TRT International offers services for the transportation of oversized cargo of any complexity: agricultural machinery; construction equipment; marine diesel engines; ready-made factory lines; engineering structures; satellite and communication equipment; large metal structures; borax; industrial equipment; road equipment; boats; aircraft engines, helicopters; military equipment.

TRT International provides:

Selection of the optimal transport; escort during transportation to the destination; development of the best route for oversized cargo transportation; selection of a transportation route; preparation of the necessary accompanying documents; control over cargo transportation at all stages; loading and unloading operations. Transportation of consolidated cargo; transportation of objects; transportation of oversized and heavy cargo; customs clearance of goods abroad; special design permits for the transportation of oversized cargo; escort of goods.

Each order requires separate load calculations and additional routing work. We have permission for regional and international transport. Your cargo will be delivered by modern transport by qualified personnel. Based on the accumulated knowledge in the field of cargo transportation, we can assure you that the cargo will be delivered to the designated place within the specified time.

We take care of all the logistics and deliver the equipment you need anywhere in the world. Transporting this type of cargo is not an easy task. Using a thorough knowledge of the carrying capacity, we can organize the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo with minimal labor costs and in a short time.

Do you require a dispatcher for heavy and oversized cargo?

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Jan 10th 2022

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