Popular electric vehicles in the secondary market

The popularity of electric cars on roads is related not only to their safety and environmental protection. The reduction in fuel costs is a major advantage of these vehicles. Applying to TRT International, each customer will buy an electric car at the best price in the region.

The design of an electric motor is practically the same as that of a diesel or gasoline TC. The powertrain is equipped with fewer moving elements. This increases the gap between maintenance. The battery, the capacity of which depends on its modification, serves as a power supply for the electric vehicle.

Positive qualities of electric vehicle

In addition to affordable charging costs, this type of vehicle has a number of indisputable benefits:

  1. Environmental Safety. The absence of exhaust during the operation of the electric motor keeps the environment clean.
  2. Simplified engine design. Fewer moving parts reduce the cost of powertrain repair and maintenance.
  3. Improved dynamics. The rapid acceleration is due to the maximum torque running at low speed.

Electric cars are known for their safety. Shifting the center of gravity to the lower part of the car reduces the risk of a coup.

Popular electric vehicles in the secondary market

The second-hand electric vehicle of the budget price segment will be the best option for mega-cities. Its refueling will cost three times less than a gasoline car. For long-distance travelers, electric cars will be suitable for expensive segment prices. Their cost is compensated for by a large margin of movement, reduced maintenance costs, and excellent performance.

At present, the following manufacturers are in high demand for electric vehicles:

- Kia;

- Tesla;

- Audi;

- Nissan;

- Hyundai.

Every car has advantages and features. TRT International specialists will help you to choose and buy an electric car at popular US auctions Copart, IAAI.

Kia Soul EV

This family-owned electric vehicle is equipped with the following systems in addition to satellite navigation:

  • cruise control
  • heated seats
  • climate control
  • rearview

It takes 6-7 hours to charge an empty battery, and quickly it can be restored to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.

Tesla Model X

This recognizable car is equipped with a battery that will last 300 km without charging.

Tesla Model X is available in 3 versions:

  • Model  75D will go to 100 in 6.2 s, speed limited to 225 km/h;
    The large capacity of the battery explains the duration of the charge, which lasts 25 hours when a standard type of plug is used.

Audi A3 e-Tron

The electric car has been available since 2016. Strengths:

  • Acceleration is  up to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds;
  • The maximum volume of the baggage compartment is 1,220 liters;
  • The maximum speed is 144 km/h.

    Charging an empty battery with a standard plug will take four hours, and specialized chargers will cut it in half. With TRT International, you can buy the Audi A3 e-Tron electric car in America at a reasonable price. Preparing vehicles to be shipped at one of the company’s six warehouses will ensure absolute safety on the way.

Nissan Leaf

The 2016 Leaf electric-powered vehicles are equipped with a 30 kW battery, the capacity of which will allow it to pass 180 km without recharging.

Features of the car:

  • engine power 109 hp;
  • up to 100 in 11.9 seconds;
  • front drive;
  • ventilated disc brakes.

The fully charged battery is restored in 9 hours.

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai has been producing this car since 2016. In addition to the Hyundai Ioniq Electric Car, the following features can be attributed:

  • the acceleration time is up to 100 km/h is 9.9 seconds;
  • the maximum speed is 165 km/h;
  • 120 hp engine power.

Battery 28 kW/h is charged in 4 hours in standard mode. Its capacity is 180 km without charging.

Delivery with TRT International

We have been providing international transport logistics services for almost 30 years. Thanks to our experience, TRT International professionals know all the intricacies of buying and transporting electric vehicles to customers.

Advantages of working with us:

  • use of own logistics;
  • the lowest prices in the region for company services;
  • assistance in documenting cargo;
  • optimal delivery time.

Details on our website: www.usatrt.com

Write to our sales department: [email protected]

Or call our sales department: +1 (973) 344-7100

Jan 31st 2022

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