Delivery of SUVs

Delivery of SUVs

The reason to buy SUVs from the United States at an auction with delivery is to save money. Indeed, auction lots can be bought at the price of a budget car and save up to 30% and sometimes up to 40%.

Why the US, not Europe or Korea? It’s all about money and the quality of cars. The secondary market in the CIS offers middle-class models at the price of premium American cars. Even after the delivery fee and the tax customs, the final price of the "American" is lower than the equivalent in your country. 

Besides, in American auctions:

  • A wide range of SUVs;
  • Reliable information on lots;
  • Cars with next-generation electronics.

We present the top 5 SUVs from the United States, which are ideal for extreme trips and are therefore the most popular. 

Audi Q7 - German quality outside competition 

The presentable SUV attracts with the comfort level and modern sports exterior. From the obvious advantages of the car: 

  • Volumetric trunk space;
  • 8-speed automatic gearbox;
  • Excellent handling and mobility;
  • Numerous security systems;
  • The rigidity of the body.

The car looks aggressive and powerful, and will not lead in rough terrain in rain or black ice. 

Volkswagen Touareg

The Tuareg, like the previous model, is solid and elegant on the outside, while it displays the wonders of the dynamics and smooth course despite the dimensions. This Volkswagen is powerful and fast. Buying a car of this brand is also worth it for a comfortable spacious salon and a spacious trunk, as an ideal choice for those who like to travel outside the road by a big company. 

Nissan Qashqai

This SUV is compact, suitable for travel, and adapted for urban roads. It’s quite agile and maneuverable, convenient for parking. The interior of Nissan Qashqai is as good as the exterior, with a working area for the driver and a rest area for passengers. City SUV for holidays and weekends - that’s how you characterize it.

Honda CR-V

The CR-V is the largest SUV in its class. It is one of the most popular cars in the United States. It is chosen for excellent road performance and stability on snow-covered roads. In the latest versions of the car, noticeable improvements were made to the suspension, contrary to American tradition, which is customized for Europeans. The car is generally comfortable, reliable, with a charismatic appearance and a large interior.

Ford Edge

This SUV will be appreciated by long-range road users. Ford Edge has long since ceased to be an exclusively overseas option. The car is bying by Europeans and car enthusiasts from the CIS for city trips and highway trips. Among the obvious advantages of the car beside the appearance and cross-country drive: electric drive of the trunk, multimedia system, adjustable heating of the seats, as well as heating of the windows and steering wheel.

All the listed "Americans" of the best assembly, can be transported from the States to any place of the world "turnkey".

Delivery of SUVs from TRT 

Choosing, testing, buying an SUV at auction in the United States without personal contact with the seller and presence on the spot is difficult and involves high risks. There are many: fraud, customs fines for improperly prepared documents, damage due to unsafe transportation, etc. 

TRT International organizes the process of buying a car in the USA from choice and buy-back to tax and registration. All within the framework of a pre-agreed budget. During 28 years of work we have worked out all possible options and have chosen personally tested delivery schemes.

Call me if you need an SUV from the U.S. with easy delivery at the border and an agreed price. 

TRT International has been transporting cargo around the world for 28 years and knows exactly where it is cheaper to buy a car from the U.S. Six of its warehouses in the U.S. We know the specifics of auctions, we’ll pick up and check the car before we buy it.

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Feb 17th 2022

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