What you need to know about importing cars from USA

If you can't afford a new car yet, but you still need to buy a car, a used car from USA will be the best solution. Import of used cars from America already occupies a leading position, along with Germany and France. It should be noted that Americans change cars more often than conservative Europeans. The average age of a car is 3-5 years.

Importing a vehicle from America is significantly more profitable than buying a similar used model in Ukraine.

Advantages of buying a car in USA

The demand for auto purchases from the states has tripled in the past two years and continues to grow. And this is explained by a number of advantages:

  • The states always have a large assortment of all kinds of car brands and the most popular models are widely represented. On sale, you can also find new items in the automotive industry. Also, rare cars for this market are not uncommon.
  • The build quality is always on top and compares favorably with the quality of the same cars from Europe. Americans are very sensitive about their own security.
  • The likelihood of buying a low-mileage car in the United States is quite high. The slightest scratch on the case becomes an excuse for the insurance company to put the car up for auction.
  • The complete set of models is usually the most complete. The cars are equipped with the latest technical features. It is worth noting the possibility of using the A-92 gasoline brand.

US auto cleanliness check

The vehicle history is checked through the State Department's transportation base. By the car number, you can find out all the necessary information: the number of owners, technical inspections, participation in an accident, etc.

The process of buying a car from America

It is almost impossible to buy a car from hand to hand in the USA. The deal is made through online auctions. The only task is to choose a trusted dealer. The dealer company takes care of all the hassle of buying, delivering, customs clearance of a car, registering it, etc.

The customs clearance procedure takes on average 7 to 14 days. The cost of the procedure depends on the price, type and volume of the engine, as well as on the age of the car.

It is the dealer's responsibility to provide a warranty for their services.

Risks of buying cars from America

There are always potential risks in such transactions. Common fraudsters use vehicles without proper paperwork. For example, such a machine can be bought, but not imported. It can also be cars with any hidden technical defects. In general, the tricks of unscrupulous sellers are the same as when buying domestic cars or imports from Europe.

So is it worth buying a car from USA?

As the successful practice of many of our compatriots shows - definitely yes! A reliable dealer is the decisive link in this matter. Making out the whole process through professionals who value their reputation and provide a guarantee, clients are free from any risks.

A good dealer provides a turnkey service and actually saves his customers from all the routine and possible worries.

Feb 24th 2021

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