How To Register At The Car Auction

To buy a vehicle on any car auction you must go through few clear and easy steps.

First, you need to upload your ID when registering your account.

A driver’s license or passport is required.

The process is simple, you Just need to remember that your ID must match the country through which you are registering and match the country you choose during the registration process. Also, the uploaded copy should not be blurry.

If you have a business license, it is required for biding on select inventory. Requirements are set by each individual state and province and not by the auction.

Second step will be choosing the membership that is most suitable for you.

For example, TRT International suggest you a registration on Copart auction for $200 and for $100 on IAAI auction. Also, we suggest you $1000 refundable deposit if there will be no issues, which is suitable for business buyers and individuals who plan to bid and buy several vehicles each year.

If you need to browse inventory and create a WatchList to keep an eye on specific vehicles of interest, you can use Free membership on Copart and IAAI.

After you’ve chosen your membership, you need to pay for it. You may send a deposit together with registration fee if you would like to save money on the bank fee. To do that, you need to send us a wire transfer through a bank of your choice and once the wire transfer is sent, the bank should provide you with a wire transfer receipt and send it to our support email so they could allocate your payment.

Now you are ready to bid and win!

To get an advice about how to bid and win, please read the article where we describe in details how to make this process easy!

Or just call us  +1 973-344-7100 or write us an email with the topic you are concerned with on [email protected] . The TRT professionals’ team will give you detailed consultation!

Don’t hesitate to get the car of your dream for a good price!
Aug 10th 2020

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