How to customs clearance of cars from the USA?

Recently, the demand for cars from the United States has been growing dramatically. Cars from America can be bought several times cheaper than on the domestic market.

The main reason for the relatively low price is the specificity of the US car market. Old cars or cars with minor damages are no longer used, it is more profitable to get compensation from an insurance company and buy yourself a new car.

But what will happen to these vehicles next? Going to auctions:

  • Copart - Copart has thousands of salvage vehicles, junk cars available for online auction. Salvage-titled vehicles are ideal for individuals looking for a fixer-upper or dismantlers looking for parts. 
  •  IAAI - Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. is one of the leading North American salvage auto auctions with the largest facility footprint, a strong buyer base and high auction returns.
  •  Manheim. This auction differs from previous ones in that it only sells vehicles with minimal damage or completely intact, which have expired.  

After purchasing and loading the car into a container, it is sent to your country, where customs clearance takes place.

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Stages of customs clearance of American cars

Although it is quite profitable to buy a car in the USA, many are concerned about the issue of customs clearance of American cars. So that doesn’t stop you, let's look at the entire process of customs clearance of a car from the United States.

  1. Paperwork Verification
  2. Customs Officer Checks
  3. Payments, Taxes, Duties
  4. Release of Shipment

Required documents for customs clearance of a car from the USA

For American car buyers, one of the most difficult issues is always preparing for a car customs clearance. But brokers notify their clients in advance what documents you need for this, so you don't need to worry about it.

Customs clearance rates for cars

So that the customs clearance price doesn't come as a surprise to you, it can be calculated in advance. The cost of customs clearance of a car from the USA is taken into account by the importing company.

Customs clearance rates for vehicles are different in each country.

How to calculate the cost of car customs clearance?

Each buyer can independently find out how much it costs to customs clear a car from the United States using a special calculator. In which you need to enter the appropriate parameters. Algorithm will provide a calculation based on the current data in your country.

How long does it take for customs clearance?

If all documents are collected on time, the customs clearance process may take 1 day. Often. customs clearance takes no more than 3 days.

What happens if you drive a car that is not cleared

For driving a car without a permit in most countries, the owner faces a fine, the amount of which depends on the value of the car. At the same time, the police have the right to seize cars with foreign numbers.

But there are ways to avoid customs clearance and fines. You can find out about them from the relevant law.

How to save on customs clearance of a car from the USA

When buying and clearing a car, not only money is valuable, but also your time. Every extra hour spent by the car in the seaport is to be paid for by you. Therefore, using the services of a company that works in the field of expedition, you will receive your car much faster and cheaper.

Experienced forwarders reduce the time spent by the car in the port, as they are well familiar with the peculiarities of internal logistics and the specifics of cargo clearance. This saves the buyer money.

Assistance in customs clearance

Freight forwarding brokers work closely with port services to speed up baggage handling and transportation, saving the client from unnecessary unexpected waste of money. These are intermediaries between customs and buyers. They prepare the entire package of documents, and help to quickly solve problems with customs clearance of American cars.

The cost of a freight forwarder service varies from country to country, but pays off in the savings in money and time saved by the services of the professionals.

Now, having learned how the customs clearance of a car from the USA takes place, you can’t be afraid to take risks.

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Oct 20th 2021

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