Hybrid cars, especially of American assembly, are in high demand among motorists. It is explained by the optimal ratio of cost and quality, and increased economy of the car. You can buy such cars from the USA insurance auctions for a bargain price. Hybrid cars will appeal to all fans of long journeys, wishing to reduce fuel costs. Toyota, KIA and Hyundai are leaders in hybrid cars production.  

A hybrid is a vehicle  that has two or more power units. The most in-demand vehicles include gasoline and electric engines. Vehicles with these engines are divided into two types:

  1. HEV-Cars. The main role is played by the gasoline power unit. Such cars are called basic hybrids.
  2. PHEV-Cars. Has a leading electric motor. Such cars are called plug-in hybrids.

The tandem of the gasoline and electric engines allows you to save a significant amount of money even on long trips. The choice of fuel consumption depends not on the driver's wish, but on the onboard computer. Namely the computer selects the optimal mode of car operation.

Honda Accord Hybrid: Economy First

How to buy a used Honda Accord Hybrid at an auction in the USA

The Japanese midsize sedan ranks with the Honda Civic hybrid in popularity. The 2017 Accord differs with the following features:

  1. Safe ride system. Thanks to the on-board computer, the car independently selects the acceleration mode. During the trip, the car will keep the optimal distance between the cars.
  2. Increased economy. Gasoline consumption is 4.9 liters per 100 km.
  3. The comfort of the driver and passengers during the ride.
  4. Stylish body design.

You can buy a used Honda Accord Hybrid in several configurations, which differ in chips and sets of additional systems.

Ford Fusion Hybrid: sports car imitation

How to buy a used Ford Fusion Hybrid at an auction in the USA

A roomy hybrid car that stands out from the rest with its sporty body contours. The features of this car include such indicators:

  • comfortable interior;
  • automatic transmission;
  • excellent noise isolation;
  • economical fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption per 100 km is 5.6 liters. Experts note one nuance: low clearance of a car can create difficulties on the roads. By contacting TRT International, you can buy a used car from the USA at the best price.

BMW 330e: safety and reliability

How to buy a used BMW 330e at an auction in the USA

The BMW Hybrid is among the cars with the highest reliability ratings. This vehicle model has the following advantages:

  • modified four-cylinder engine;
  • the latest safety systems: lane control, steering assistant, excellent braking system; 
  • large luggage compartment volume of 480 l. 

This car accelerates to 100 km in just 5.9 seconds, and the electric motor is sufficient for almost 70 km in ideal conditions. The delivery of the BMW 330e from the USA, in cooperation with TRT International, is carried out in a short time, without additional fees.

 Chevrolet Volt: the optimal HEV

 How to buy a used Chevrolet Volt at an auction in the USA

The car of this brand in 2017 is considered an excellent version of the classic car type HEV. It is endowed with the following features:

  • electric driving range reaches a record 85 km;
  • excellent visibility for the driver;
  • comfortable interior;
  • increased space in the rear of the cabin.

This hybrid is equipped with three engines at once: a four-cylinder engine rated at 149 hp and two electric engines with 60 hp each.

Volvo XC90 Hybrid: luxury and comfort

How to buy a used Chevrolet Volt at an auction in the USA Volvo XC90 Hybrid

The premium crossover from this automotive giant is available in both HEV and PHEV types. The positives of this car include:

  • acceleration to a hundred in 5.6 seconds;
  • the interior upholstery is available in two variants: high-quality leather or textile nubuck, nappa and synthetic leather;
  • increased interior and trunk space;
  • an excellent set of safety systems.

At Copart, IAAI auctions, you can buy the all-wheel-drive Volvo XC90 Hybrid with mileage in 3 different modifications:

  • T8 Momentum;
  • T8 R-design;
  • T8-Inscription.

Despite the excellent reputation of these sales platforms, sometimes there are broken cars for sale. Cooperation with TRT International serves as a guarantee of a successful transaction and delivery of a hybrid from the USA, which is explained by multiple checks of cars before the purchase. A personal manager will be able to quickly solve any difficulties and provide the buyer with a photo and video report on the condition of the car at any stage of delivery. 

Why is it profitable to work with TRT International

With nearly 28 years of experience in logistics services, TRT International has developed a network of contractors and partners around the world. The professional staff working at each of the company's 6 warehouses in the USA will correctly prepare the vehicle for shipment, and the customs broker will perform the documentation of the purchase.


Dec 29th 2021

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