How To Bid and Win

If you are new in this field of Bidding&Winning, our first advice would be to join live auctions which is completely free and doesn’t require a registration. The biggest privilege of joining them online is watching auction process to get an idea of how high you should bid to win.

Follow next steps to make this process easy and get yourself ready to bid!

1. You should avoid bidding on cars with the following Vehicle doc type:

  • BOS or Bill of Sale
  • Junk Receipt or Junking Certificate
  • Parts Only
  • No Title Letter
  • Scrap Certificate of Title

2. The cost of international shipping from Hawaii is considerably higher than from the US mainland, so be careful about bidding on vehicles located in Hawaii.

3. To check the vehicle before bidding you may order inspection services of vehicle history or vehicle condition reports.

4. Pay attention to vehicles with “title pending” status. You should carefully bid on such items because that vehicle title is not yet ready, and you will be charged storage fees if you store the vehicle at the auction yard until the title is ready.

5.  We encourage you to pay attention to the vehicles with a NY title because they currently cannot be exported from the US.


Want to know more about what types of car documents exist at auctions in the USA? Read this article with all the titles description.


Okay, now you know how to choose the quality vehicle. What’s next?

You can choose your own bid amount or select from one of the automatic increment options.

If your bid is the highest when the circular, dynamic countdown timer stops, you win the sale of the vehicle. Now you have 3 business days to pay for the lot, including the day of sale. We recommend buyers to plan payment ahead of time to avoid late payment fees because it may take wire transfer up to 3 business days to reach your account.


Contact us right after winning! TRT International provides Inland Transportation from the auction location to our warehouses in New York, Savannah, Miami, Houston, Seattle, and Los Angeles, and we give you 30 days of free storage if you ship with us!

Aug 10th 2020

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