How can I check a used car with AutoCheck or Carfax?


The IAAI, Copart, and Manheim auctions make up the top three of the most popular platforms for buying and selling used cars in America.  Despite the transparency and availability of information, there are also can be broken cars. A few simple steps can help to avoid buying problematic vehicles.  Buyers, especially foreign ones, should know how to check the car from the USA before buying and protect themselves from unscrupulous sellers.

Check US cars by VIN correctly

For users' convenience and safety, there are a lot of specialized services for checking used cars by VIN-code. They can be divided into 2 types:

  • free services of used car's verification;
  • paid services.

In the first case, a buyer is given general information about the car:

  • make and model of the vehicle;
  • year of manufacture;
  • country of manufacture.

This information contains only general information about the vehicle. Paid services will provide the real history of the vehicle. The following are in high demand:

1. Carfax database. It contains a lot of information about all cars in the USA and Canada. They started collecting this information in the 70s of XX century.

2. AutoCheck service. For symbolical payment, user can get real history of his car, which shows damages after natural disasters.

Experts in the field of buying cars from auction in the USA recommend using both Carfax and AutoCheck checks. A combined analysis of your vehicle's history provides you with comprehensive information on your vehicle.

How to check USA cars by VIN through AutoCheck

On this Internet resource, the user will learn not only general information about the car, but also such details:

  • the number of official owners;
  • whether the vehicle belongs to the category of broken-down vehicles, as well as the number of accidents;
  • actual mileage;
  • damage from cataclysms;
  • whether the car is stolen or wanted.

This verification allows you to find out the purpose for which the car was used, what are the hidden problems. The result will be supplemented by a Carfax check.

 How to find out the history of the car in the Carfax database

The fee-based service provides information on vehicles operated in the United States or Canada by VIN. After payment the user will receive the information of interest in PDF-file format which will be sent to the specified e-mail. The document contains the following items:

  • involvement of the vehicle in cab or rental services;
  • damage due to drowning;
  • where the vehicle was serviced;
  • any damage as a result of an accident.

The number of owners is complementing the list. This service will allow you to understand how to check the car from the USA before buying correctly.

The information you get will allow you to avoid the following problems:

  • financial risks;
  • purchase of wrecked cars.

Before buying a car from the USA Ukrainians should independently verify the auto from the USA by VIN, or trust this work to professionals.

 Why choose to work with TRT international

Thanks to 28 years of experience in international transportation logistics, TRT International developed and implemented effective schemes of cargo delivery and its safety. Own warehousing facilities located in the USA allows to reduce time of delivery to Ukraine. Professional warehouse personnel and specialized equipment guarantee compliance with safety standards of cargo loading and transportation.

Advantages of working with TRT International:

  • guaranteeing the safety of a car purchased at an auction in the USA;
  • reducing the cost of additional insurance;
  • customer support at all stages of cooperation;
  • providing video and photo reports during transportation;
  •  fast resolving of current issues.

The personal manager provided by TRT International to the client will not only choose the best option for the vehicle, but also be able to independently verify the cars from the USA according to the VIN. After the buyback from the auction, the TRT International staff performs a set of preparatory activities:

  • delivery to the nearest warehouse of the company;
  • loading the vehicle into the container;
  • securing the cargo with metal chains;
  • filling the voids with special cushions;
  • transportation to the buyer.

This approach excludes the risk of damage to the vehicle during shipment. A customs broker will ensure fast cargo documenting that will exclude any delays during the transit of the vehicle to the buyer.

Dec 22nd 2021

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