How to buy, ship and clear a retro car from USA?

Long dreamed of a Plymouth, Buik, or maybe a Chrysler or Cadillac, but did not have the opportunity to buy? Now you have every chance to become the owner of a collectible vintage car. After all, at the popular U.S. auctions Copart, IAAI, Manheim you can buy not only modern cars, but also classic American vintage cars.

Common mistakes of beginners

If this is your first time buying a classic car, this information will save you thousands of dollars:

1. Carefully study the information about the car. Unfortunately, many first-time buyers buy a classic car under the impression. Before making such a deal, it is important to do your own research to find out if the model of that particular year, has serious mechanical problems or other features that significantly affect the value.

2. Take advantage of a professional technical inspection. One of the least popular secrets to buying classic cars is that you can order a pre-owned inspection before buying a used car. Even if you're an expert or mechanic, it never hurts to get a second opinion from a trusted professional.

3. Find out how the car has been cared for. Some classic cars require a lot of attention to keep them in working order.

4. Check the Vin number. Read more about it here.

How to buy a classic car in the USA at auction?

To buy a classic car in the US, you need to learn how to tell the difference between junk and retro cars. First of all you need to pay attention to the integrity of the car. It must necessarily be with the original body, engine and frame. If the car is restored, then only under the original and it should not be more than 3 years since the restoration. You need to know all of these nuances in order to buy an American classic car at a profit.

There are two options for buying a vintage auto:

  • As a vehicle;
  • As a cultural value. 

The total price depends greatly on how you will use the car. 

Shipping a classic car from the USA.

Once you have purchased the car at auction, the shipment takes place. The car is delivered to the port from which shipping takes place worldwide. At the port, the car is placed in a container and loaded onto a ship. Together with the car, all the necessary documents are sent.

More details about the process of car delivery from the US can be found here.

Customs clearance of retro cars from the USA

The last step is customs clearance. In some countries, if you buy a classic car as a collection or an exhibit, you don't need to clear it with customs clearance. That is why such purchase is considered quite profitable. But it is not so simple. 

The historical car must be over 30 years old. In addition, the body, frame and engine must be original. All this is thoroughly checked before shipment and upon the arrival of the auto to the customer. It is necessary to contact the service to obtain a certificate that the car is rare enough, the museum expert must confirm the cultural value of the car. The minus is that you can only get these certificates after transporting the car from America. Also, you will have restrictions on its use.

If you want to use a vintage car as a vehicle, you will need to clear it the same way as the other cars. But remember that the older the car, the more expensive the customs clearance costs. 

In order to use a vintage car for driving, you need to pass the technical check, the engine must meet environmental standards, which is extremely rare for antique cars. 

TRT International

If you are a true history buff and a lover of vintage cars, the TRT International team is ready to help you with your bargain purchase. We are ready to take care of the search, bidding, delivery and customs clearance. Rely on our professionalism and 28 years of experience in logistics, and we will deliver you the best retro car. 

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Nov 8th 2021

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