5 Myths Of Taking American Car To Ukraine

MYTH # 1 : All cars from USA are flooded

Of course, it is not true. We clearly check the cars’ damage and will only bring you one with “WATER/FLOOD” Title if you ask us to do so.

To know more about the Titles that exist at the car auctions, read the article.

MYTH # 2 : The car will arrive without an engine

We don't buy cars from resellers (secondhand dealers)!

We only work with proven car auctions such as Copart and IaaI.

That's why this kind of situation is EXCLUDED!

We will never bring a problematic car.


MYTH # 3 : American car cannot be serviced in Ukraine

The number of imported cars from America is colossal. That is why maintenance companies have been working with American cars for a long time.

It is required by the market!


MYTH # 4 : What if arrives something we did not buy?

This situation is also EXCLUDED!

From the moment of purchase to the car arriving, we provide full photo support:

1) photos from the auctions

2) photos from the driver

3) photos from TRT warehouses

4) photos during the loading

At all stages you will be sure that it is definitely your car coming to you!


MYTH # 5 : It will take a long time for American car to arrive, no less than six months

This is also not true.

The whole purchase and delivery process takes about two months.

Even choosing a used car in Ukraine, you will spend no less time, because you also need to monitor the market, negotiate with the sellers for inspection and so on the list.

Nov 16th 2020

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